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Why Data Science?

Data Science is projected to grow in demand by 28% by the year 2020 (source: report by IBM). In its 2017 U.S Emerging Jobs report, LinkedIn ranked Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers among the top emerging jobs.

Importance of DS

Data Science is now being integrated with industries across all sectors. That’s why not only are the Data Scientists expected to have a broader set of skills, but the employers also expect more cohesive specialization and collaboration.

Industry Collaboration

Entire course has been vetted and created along with experts in Data Science industry, ensuring relevance with industry setting. Our Trainers and Consultants have worked with organizations like HSBC, Berkshire Hathaway, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance.

Real Life Projects

All projects in course are based on real life Data Science problems. No academic datasets are used ensuring you're ready for real life problems. Datasets are samples from industry we have experience working with, making sure it's tailored for training purposes.

Who Should do the Course?

  • Fresh Graduates, Engineering Students, Project Managers, Business Managers, Senior Leaders or people from any field who are willing to transition to Data Sciences.
  • Young professionals and Managers who have little or no formal education in Business Analytics.
  • Executives with analytical aptitude who are interested in and want to learn Data Analytics through hands on practice on popular tools.
  • Individuals who aspire to switch or embark on a career in Business Analytics or Data Science.
  • Professional from any domain who have logical, mathematical and analytical skills.

Data Science Course Track

Get the hands on learning of Business Statistics, Probability Distributions, R Programming, Tableau and Exploratory Data Analysis.

Assignment - Probability Distribution

Assignment - Statistics & Probability Distributions

Assignment - Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

Assignment - Introduction to R

Assignment - Introduction to R

Assignment - Exploratory Data Analysis Using R Programming

Assignment - Excel for Data Analytics

Assignment - Tableau and Products

Assignment - Basic Charts on Tableau

Assignment - Predictive Analytics

Handholding - Let's create your personalized Resume


Online Classes

Starting Date : 03/02/2020


Early Bird Offer - £ 1080 + VAT

Data Science Track
Course Duration-45 Days

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Data Mining Course Track

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dec 2021
Data Science Course Track
Online: 09:00 - 13:00
Suite 2, Ground Floor, Universal Square, Devonshire Street North, Manchester - M12 6JH
Gets the hands on learning of Business Statistics, Probability Distributions, R Programming, Exploratory Data Analysis
jan 2022
Data Science Course Track
Online: 09:00 - 13:00

Suite 2, Ground Floor, Universal Square, Devonshire Street North, Manchester - M12 6JH




“The consultants were very helpful and explained everything in great detail. They also accommodated our short timeframe.” Customer Service Manager
A Leading Healthcare Company.

“Though my background is in engineering, I was unclear about the next steps to take and my career path. After in-depth discussions with experts at Wenso Training, I took up training in Selenium.
I am now working as a QA Analyst in Birmingham, UK.”

“I was working as a Test Engineer and was looking for courses to enhance my skills. One of my friends directed me to Wenso Training where I undertook training in BEHAT and Cucumber. The knowledge gained from the training not only elevated my skills, but it also helped me to progress into a new role.”

“Though my background is in computer science engineering & I am still in penultimate year of my program,I was unclear about the next steps to take in my career path. After in-depth hand-holding & training with experts at Wenso Data Sciences, I have already done couple of research projects & I hold admissions from some of the top German universities at the moment.”

“I worked as a Business Analyst and was looking forward to transition my career in Data Sciences.One of my friends from past cohort directed me to Wenso Training, where I pursued Data Mining & Machine Learning course tracks.The knowledge gained from the training elevated my Analytics skills.”

“The course had a lot of information (which made it overwhelming at times) but it was presented very well.I liked all the practical examples and exercises. Thank you for a great learning experience. I have successfully transitioned into a new Data Analyst role, currently working with a leading healthcare company in UK.”


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