Manual VS Automated Testing – How To Acheive Consistency


Many experts have highlighted how the software QA strategy can be optimized by integrating both manual and automated testing seamlessly. Regardless of the type of software testing, the QA strategy also needs to consider a number of key elements like test plans, test cases, test environment and test automation tools to generate accurate test data that can be used to take important decision.The right QA strategy can further enhance the efficiency and productivity, while getting higher ROI in the longer run. However, the QA strategist must explore innovative ways to maintain consistency in both manual and automated software testing efforts…

Smart Ways to Achieve Consistency in Software Testing

The budgets of small and medium companies do not allow them to invest in commercial test automation tools. So these organizations often build stage and deploy the codes manually. Further, the QA engineers have to put both time and effort to perform certain repetitive activities like running tests, tagging new versions and taking backup of old versions. However, an organization can always consider setting up customized automated build solutions without investing any additional funds. It also has option to use several open source software testing tools that can be used to easily setup the basic automated build solutions to achieve consistency in QA without incurring any additional expenses.

Manage Product Backlog

As the product grows large, the volume of product backlog also grows at a rapid pace. During the development cycles, the enhancements and bugs further add to the backlog. So each organization must emphasize of managing the backlog properly to achieve consistency in software QA. In addition to each product manager focusing on the changes, the team of QA engineers must modify the test strategy and roadmaps to deliver accurate test data. It is always important to evaluate and filer the product backlog constantly to decide the cases that need immediate focus. There are also chances that the QA strategy needs to be modified regularly to reduce the growing product backlog.

Adopt Agile QA Methods

An organization can avail several advantages by adopting Agile approach of software development and QA. Along with addressing the enhancements throughout the development cycle, the Agile testing methods further collaborate and coordinate the test efforts efficiently. So it becomes easier for the team of QA engineers to manage the product backlog. They can evaluate the significance of a QA issue according to the expected goals, and thus can easily process the product backlogs. As all issues cannot be measured quantitatively, the QA team can decide the most appropriate way to evaluate the issue. The qualitative aspects of the QA can easily be evaluated and processes to achieve the primary goal, while maintaining consistency.

Perform Requirement Reviews

To maintain consistency in software QA the testers need to ensure that each requirement is testable. The team can further put both time and effort to consistently perform requirement reviews. Based on quality and verifiability of the results, a testing professional can decide of a specific requirement is testable. The testability of a requirement can also be measured based on a calculation, form or database value. These elements can also be used to verify several results based on a particular requirement. However, the QA engineer must emphasize of certain key elements like what, when, how, where and why. At the same time, he also needs to review the logic or functional workflow to find the gaps or missing connections. A number of reports have highlighted how an organization can achieve consistency by automating its software QA efforts. But the test automation strategy of the organization must concentrate on these points to deliver reliable results along with achieving the pre-set objectives. Application software testing experts can be the primary driver who can help you accomplish testing within allocated budgets and time schedules.




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